Film Resort

ESSE Season 2


Every Wednesday

at 9.30 PM


Visuals, animation: Kadri Nikopensius

Authors: Eeva Esse, Tuuli Roosma, Sigrid Salutee, Kadri Nikopensius, Sander Allikmäe, Mihkel Matkevicius, Hendrik Mägi, Moona-Liisa Mänd, Heidit Kaio, Liisi Sepp

Narration: Sigrid Salutee


Explainer-videos start with a script by a story editor. The script is then read into a voice-over by a talent. In this project, the voice is my talented colleague Sigrid Salutee who also writes the scripts for the videos.

Then I take the voice-over as my main reference and start looking for visual materials that strike me as something I would want to use.

Design Process

In my designs, I use bold outlines, strokes and shadows that almost mimic oil paintings. I love using colours with a touch of grey and mixing them into designs with bright accent colours. I also love using black and white and high contrast combinations in my work.

I love using textures of paper, canvases, glass, concrete and dirt. I implement them in every way that I can.


For the show infographics I used Norstat raw statistics, which were excel tables with a crazy amount of numbers and raw data. Firsty, I generated excel infographics as a reference, then imported them into After Effects. Then I started to build my own composition.

I tried to be as creative and clear with the designs as possible, because as a viewer it's difficult to grasp that kind of information in a short time. I used accent colours, lines and strokes to emphasize any statistical differences.