Film Resort

ESSE Season 1


Every Tuesday at 8 PM

Authors: Mihkel Raud, Eeva Esse, Kadri Nikopensius, Sigrid Salutee, Sander Allikmäe, Kaarel Kokemägi, Tuuli Roosma

Visuals, animation: Kadri Nikopensius

Editor, sound design: Kaarel Kokemägi

Narration: Eeva Esse


Preparing for each animation takes time. As there aren't specific details in the script, I create the characters and movement from scratch. Firstly I create details and movement in my head, then search free photo banks for desirable characters. I love using quirky details and adding them to each character.


I use pieces of photos and cut out separate body parts for each character. My After Affects projects have a range of 10 to 70 different layers and pre-compositions.


It’s important to firstly animate the layers, then stylize the layers according to desirable color palette, texture. I like to add color accents and rough textures. I usually mask the layers separately for different color variations and movements.